Just Ask Denver. The CLEVVA option!

Architects, interior designers and other professionals always have a problem in keeping up to date with new developments in the flooring industry, and in locating the correct information on time, often working under pressure they struggle to get specifications for the projects they are currently working on.

Getting expert advice and guidance for your vinyl flooring has never been more simple. Just Ask Denver.

This is not a reference to the regular column in this magazine by Denver Coleman, of Polyflor SA, but an announcement of the first kind of this technology to hit the shores of South Africa – providing you with an online advisory and guidance tool to assist in obtaining all information and full specification assistance on demand.

Using the unique Clevva technology, which is a hosted Software As A Service (SAAS) business, PolyPro provides a technology platform that enables Polyflor to effectively capture and apply its sales, product and technical expertise to any application or customer requirement, for any product or service in their sales programme.

No matter how complex the client’s needs, or what the level of knowledge and/or experience their staff have, architects and Polyflor clients will experience a consistent sales, technical, specification and service experience, every time.

PolyPro also offers instant expert advice, analyses the client’s technical flooring challenge and recommending the right solution. In addition, it guides the visitor through the right process, steps and decisions to assist in solving their problem(s).

Clients also have direct access to sales and support intelligence by logging in via the company website, in addition to the Polyflor staff having access via their laptops or tablets. Irrespective of who accesses the intelligence and where it is accessed from, PolyPro always ensures they get the same answers and the same level of technical, sales and support experience.

PolyPro allows people to source and use information like experienced flooring professionals, and to solve technical problems as if they were experts.

How does it work? Specifiers can go to the Polyflor website (www.polyflor.co.za) and log in with their allocated name and password. Their login details remain constant which means that they can access PolyPro for information any time they require information. It will fast become a 24-hour must-have service.

Users can now capture all the complex product features and benefits of Polyflor SA’s entire sales programme, with all their different specifications, performance data and valueadded services, and all the common support challenges and solutions – thus allowing professional clients and staff to get the right answers in real time, as if they were speaking directly to the experts.

Polyflor SA director Tandy Coleman- Spolander says their staff has been using, refining and testing this technology since March 2012, and is finding the system to be a powerful tool and an asset to the business. “In fact, it will result in making a significant difference within the industry,” she says. “Our salespeople have access to all the information that they require to fully assist our clients and, in addition to client sales support and guidance, there is project and client information loaded on the system that will significantly reduce the time spent on administration.”

“This means our sales and technical people no longer need a suitcase full of brochures and catalogues, but simply need an iPad to conduct business with any client. Vinyl flooring is so much more than just selling a product. We offer our clients a guiding hand from planning to completion, making sure they understand all the necessary preparation requirements, site conditions and little details that can make a project succeed or fail. We offer a full service relationship that involves understanding our client’s needs and vision, so that we can find them the correct solution. Our system enables our sales people to have all this information available at any point in time and in fact has intelligent software that can take multiple criteria and requirements and find the most suitable solution almost instantly, thus adding value to the sales experience for the client. We will now be making this available to our clients so that they can access the same valuable information online and at any time. We expect to launch early into 2014.”

People using PolyPro will find that they can access an automated needs analysis that guides and recommends the correct solutions for their project, with support details, automatic recommendations for the right sell-on products and provides all technical data required; all in real time.

Polyflor SA is a trusted flooring partner, specialising in vinyl flooring and a quality wall protection range. Tandy Coleman- Spolander says, “Our success is our customer focus, and we work closely with contractors, specifiers and end users to understand their requirements and provide the ideal full flooring solution for any installation.”

“PolyPro will prove to be a tremendous asset and a major benefit to architects and other specifiers who will now have immediate access to all the information they require, when they want it.” Tandy concludes.

Polyflor South Africa prides itself on offering a start to finish service to their clients. They are not just salesmen but are trusted flooring guides. With constant advances in flooring products, new products, latest trends and technical details it is almost impossible for any sales person to know it all, without many years of experience behind them. Through PolyPro, with CLEVVA technology the system allows the Polyflor advisor to be an instant expert and spend more time focusing on the client’s needs, valuable advice and guidance than “peacocking” his products. Polyflor advisors are already using this technology but when this service is available on-line to their clients it will take Polyflor to the next level of customer service.


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