Boost your CX capacity with a Virtual Agent

As we understand more about conversational automation, we realize that not all conversations are alike. Some are unstructured and free flowing, while others are highly structured and rule-bound. And while many hoped Conversational AI and Generative AI powered Digital Assistants (chatbots) would magically handle them all, we are learning that is not the case.

The reality is that Digital Assistants are very good at answering questions and triggering actions, but they are not effective at context-rich, process-bound conversations, especially where customers need advice not just assistance. Their decision tree’d scripts can’t handle the multi-dimensional, contextual logic that these expert-level operational conversations require.

As a result, high volumes of operational conversations still need to be handled by live agents.

Virtual Agents help expand your CX capacity by automating these operational, rule-bound conversations so your live agents are freed up to focus on the lower volume, higher value relational conversations that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

A Virtual Agent is not a chatbot. It is a digital expert

Virtual Agent (VA) Chatbot
The role they perform Digital Expert Digital Assistant
The technology that powers them Conversational Process Automation Conversational Al
The work they can do Clarify, Analyse, and Resolve Queries Answer Questions
The process logic they support Simple to Complex Simple
Their resolution success High (Low Agent Handoff) Low (High Agent Handoff)
How they follow processes Multi-Dimensional Logic Objects Coded Decision Trees
The effort to keep them compliant Low High
The experience they offer Dynamic, Bi-Directional Menu-Driven


Chatbots answer questions. Virtual agents have conversations.


They can be trusted to say and do the right things, with detailed records to prove it

  • Consistent
  • Compliant
  • Hyper-Personalised

To build, deploy and manage our Virtual Agents, we use our own low-code, enterprise grade Conversational Process Automation platform

Have a Virtual Agent automate your conversations in no time

  • 1Proof of Capability

    2-3 Weeks

  • 2Proof of Value

    3-6 months

  • 3Multi-Year SLA


The cost of a Virtual Agent depends on the work it must perform. This impacts the upfront training (build) and deployment effort, and the volume of conversations it automates across channels.