About CLEVVA the company

CLEVVA is a technology business that has specialised in the art and science of Intelligence Augmentation. It was founded in 2011, based on a shared vision to develop a technology platform that could enable any company to effectively capture and scale their sales, support, system, process and technical expertise. Consider it Artificial Intelligence for People.

The reason we spend our days and nights doing this is because we realise that unless we help people become assets and not liabilities within organisations, artificial intelligence will soon make staff redundant. This is because many required decisions and actions are effectively driven by a known organisational formula, and technology is better than people with repeating known formula.

So rather than focus our efforts building technology that seeks to replace people, we have chosen to focus our efforts on technology that can make people more powerful.

To do this, we aim to offer people effective, responsive, intelligent decision making ‘GPSs’ that relieve them of the stress of knowing what to do or say next, based on a required formula. Your VAs will ensure they get that right, every time. This will allow them to focus their efforts on innovating new products and services, and offering customers wow experiences. Areas where robots struggle to compete.

We hope that our technology really helps your business grow, and ensures that you feel more confident to hire more people without worrying about them screwing things up. Instead you can look at channeling their human brilliance into areas of your business that truly differentiate.


CLEVVA customers


Join the CLEVVA dream team

We are an ambitious, passionate and growing team of professionals who spend our days and nights dreaming of better ways to help experts scale themselves, so that anyone with the will now has the way – an expert at their fingertips to help them make the right decisions and take the right actions, based on known factors, rules and logic

We believe, by scaling expertise, we can empower the world to do more with less reliance on upfront formal training. In effect, we hope to enable more people to learn as they perform. Not only will this allow people to achieve more by standing on the shoulders of those who have gone

before them, but it allows organisations to successfully scale and thrive.

And as a result, we can help unlock the enormous, untapped human potential that is currently wasted when people are not being allowed to try new roles because of the time and cost to upskill them, and the risk of them making basic performance errors. With CLEVVA, the risk of making decision errors can be dramatically reduced, allowing organisations to feel more willing to set their staff free to add new value. And in return, staff can be allowed to follow their dreams, to engage in what they are doing, and to achieve more with the help of an expert, never further than a screen away.

We have big dreams, and are building a world-beating technology that will change the way training is tackled, and how people are supported in work.

Our company is obsessively values driven and determined to keep a culture of trust, excellence, and balanced health.

It is also pretty cool working on a wine farm with views of our local mountain range and surrounding vineyards.