Our Purpose

To liberate human potential

Our why

To create a conscious, mindful society, we need to liberate people from mindless repetition. We need to hand this role across to digital teams so that people can be offered the mental space to reflect more, dream more and think more.

Our what

We build technology-powered solutions that remove robotic-type work from people. Our Virtual Agents  resolve more rule-bound queries so that human agents can focus their efforts on having richer, more meaningful customer connections.

Our how

Our days and nights are dedicated to improving ways to extract logic from the brains of experts, finding simpler ways to capture this logic into contextually adaptive Virtual Agents, and developing easier ways to deploy these CX experts into diverse technology landscapes so they can do more work at less cost.

Our Values

Our values

At CLEVVA, we all commit to live by the same value system. In this system, each value is inter-connected. We consider our values to be our exclusive behavioural guide and rule book. Membership to our team and company is reserved for those who not only delight us by their company, but also inspire us through their value-based behaviour.

Our team

Our company consists of multi-disciplinary teams, each striving to make our clients' adoption of a Virtual Agent easy

Customer Success

This team ensures that every customer experiences our values and our Virtual Agent exceeds their expectations.

Customer Acquisition

This team expands our loyal client base, and ensures more Virtual Agents add more value to more customers and staff.


This team specialises in designing, deploying and managing high-performing Virtual Agents that deliver on our promise.


This team of coding geniuses keeps our technology functionally and technically at the cutting edge of CX automation


This team ensures that working with us, and for us, is made easy. This includes crafting a world-class remote working environment.

We are always looking for amazing individuals to help us improve and excel at what we do. Individuals who buy into our purpose and embrace our values.

If you think you are that sort of person, please reach out to us.

We would love to meet you.


Our customers

Our journey