What is CLEVVA?

An award-winning web platform used to build, maintain and deploy compliant, multi-channel customer service experts.

Industry recognition

What are

digital experts?

Digital experts, like human experts, know what questions to ask. They make sure they really understand the situation before making any decisions.

What Digital Service Experts Do

Analyse needs

They know what questions to ask, in order to unpack a customer’s full set of needs and then prioritise them for execution

Diagnose problems

They can correctly categorise a query, claim or complaint and then diagnose the root cause so that resulting actions are correct and compliant

Gather information

They know how to gather the information needed by operating systems and decision engines, regardless of customer context

Guide decisions

They can navigate decision-making processes that staff need to perform outside of systems and where each situation differs

The value CLEVVA digital experts offer


You can be confident that your business logic will be correctly applied every time, without it suddenly self-adjusting


Every factor considered, rule applied, decision made, action triggered and information gathered is both tracked and reported

Context relevance

The context of every process journey, automatically shapes the routes taken, ensuring that every experience is hyper-relevant to the context


When business process logic changes, you can centrally update the logic that powers your digital expert


CLEVVA digital experts can initiate an engagement via one interface/channel and move over to another channel while retaining context


CLEVVA digital experts can work independently or interact directly with 3rd-party systems and RPA digital workers in order to automate end-to-end processes

What makes CLEVVA special?

Our logic

Our logic

We empower you to capture and maintain rule-driven, expert-level logic without becoming trapped by decision tree thinking

Our application

Our application

We ensure that your company experts' logic is applied in a consistent, compliant and context-relevant way across all channels

Our data

Our data

We offer rich structured data to automate back-office processing and to enhance reporting, analytics and machine learning

Our impact

Our impact

We transform your staff into experts and offer your customers expert-level self-service, at a reduced cost and risk