CLEVVA allows you to capture the logic your experts use to make specific decisions and to take specific actions, and offer it to all your staff so that no matter what their knowledge or skill, or the situation they find themselves in, you can be sure they will ask the right questions, offer the right answers and take the right actions, with a record to prove it.

Extended Pitch

CLEVVA is an award–winning, enterprise-level software platform that lets you capture your company’s expertise (not just knowledge) and make it available to all your staff as and when they need it. No coding experience required.

Expertise is the logic your experts apply to any known situation, in order to make the right decisions and take the right actions according to your company policies, products and procedures. And before CLEVVA, the only way you could capture this was to use documents and decision tree logic. Well not any more. With CLEVVA’s powerful, user-friendly authoring tools and templates, and our innovative approach to capturing 3-D logic, you can now offer your staff a sales, service, technical and operational expert at their fingertips. Plus you can see exactly how every decision and action was taken for compliance and analytical purposes.


Your Virtual Advisor (VA) can be accessed via a mobile or a stay-on-top window, so staff can keep working on their operating systems while receiving real-time, contextual support.  And if you want to embed your Virtual Advisor into a system screen or web page, you can do that too. You can also integrate your Virtual Advisor with existing operating system back-ends so that any advice offered considers live customer and product data.

Think of your Virtual Advisor as an intelligent GPS for staff, adjusting to every situation and ensuring they make the right decisions and take the right actions without them having to know all the details. This means they can stop worrying about making a mistake, and can focus more on giving your customers a wow experience.

Skeptical? Why not give us a try?  We can set you up with a free 30-day trial platform and give you access to our online authoring coach to self learn. We are confident that once you have experienced the power of CLEVVA, you will never write another instruction manual again!


No coding skills required (self-learn)

Build templates and methodologies

Rapid data uploads and set-up

Authoring permissions and version control


Data driven maintenance

Authoring and editing permissions

Automatic version control


Track Every Action

Track Average Handing Time

Export Data for Analysis

Integrate with your Data Warehouse


Responsive Interface

Embed hyperlinks

E-mail hyperlinks

Embed iFrames



User permissions

Data security

Import/Export Data



Custom Logos and Avatars

Security Controls

Custom Content Server Location

Custom Email Server Settings

Email Templates

GPS Settings

Configure Options



Offers You Complete Control

Unlike many robo-agent or virtual assistant tools that rely on machine learning to configure and optimise the logic (with at times embarrassing consequences), CLEVVA gives you complete control over what data is considered, what questions are asked, what answers are given and what actions are suggested. This ensures that, no matter how complex the decision or task, staff make the right decisions and take the right actions, based on your known formula. Plus you have detailed records to prove it (for compliance and analytics)

Applies Across Your Business

CLEVVA is not restricted to only customer service or sales support. Its powerful authoring capability and ability to support multiple logic forms allows your teams to build Virtual Advisors that reflect a wide range of applications, from guiding sales need analysis, to resolving service queries, to helping technicians diagnose and solve technical challenges, to helping staff make the right internal decisions based on current HR or operational policies and procedures.


Supports Decisions and Actions

Many Virtual Advisor tools focus exclusively on diagnosing what help the user is looking for, and then trying to offer them advice in the form of a specific answer or a link to supporting content. And that is where it ends. With CLEVVA, you can not only ensure the person gets to the right answer, but you can then guide them through the required action to ensure they get it right, and you have a detailed record to prove it.

Offers You Speed and Agility

CLEVVA offers authoring teams a wide range of methodologies and models to speed up their VA build times, and to ensure they benefit from the wealth of experience our teams have had in building high impact VAs. In addition, builds are primarily data-centric in design, ensuring that when data changes, the VA adjusts automatically. And when targeted logic changes, it takes teams a very short time to re-author the new logic and verify it before publishing.




Capture the logic that your top sales experts use to effectively diagnose a customer’s needs, and then identify relevant products and solutions.



Capture the logic that your top service experts use to effectively diagnose a customer’s query, and then identify relevant solutions and actions.



Capture the logic that your super users use to make specific software-related decisions e.g. input selections.



Capture the logic that your top technical people use to effectively diagnose a technical issue and then resolve it effectively.



Capture the logic that your top operations people use to make decisions and take actions in line with latest policies and procedures.



CLEVVA can also be used to capture information in the form of surveys or simple data collection forms, with the ability to adjust based on inputs.

Industry Recognition


Selected by BPeSA as the Top Innovation within the Contact Centre industry (2012)


Selected by Endeavor as one of South Africa’s most high-potential entrepreneurial companies (2013)


IBM Smart Cities finalist for Global Entrepreneur Award (2013)


Selected for the South African Enabling Technology Innovation Award within Enterprise Software (2015)


Selected as one of six African software innovations to be showcased by Gartner at their ITxpo (2015)


Selected by Microsoft to form part of the Microsoft BizSpark programme (2014 and 2015)

What Our Customers Say

“We used CLEVVA to build a Virtual Advisor for a retail bank to guide sales staff through a complex customer needs analysis. Within two weeks of using CLEVVA, cross sales went up by 20%”


Amelia van den Berg

Head of Learning and Capability at Accenture South Africa

See more references..

Proven Impact

Clients who have used CLEVVA to capture expert logic and to guide targeted staff and clients to make the right decisions and to take the right actions, based on specific known conditions and variables, consistently see rapid, measurable impact in the following key areas:

proven impact copy

These benefits have been measured by partners and clients.

cross sales and leads as a result of staff consistently executing the organisations desired sales engagement formula

with clients experiencing greater consistency in how service queries are diagnosed and resolved, irrespective of the person offering that service.

due to staff more consistently executing required policies and procedures.

given that every interaction can now be safely guided according to the required formula, and that a record of every interaction is provided for compliance reporting.

as staff no longer need to be trained on all the details before they are up and running.

given the rich data now provided on HOW people actually make decisions and take actions.


Who ‘owns’ CLEVVA in an organisation?

CLEVVA the platform is owned by IT, who look after the platform’s hosting (if on premise), any integration with 3rd party systems and all first line technical support.

The building and maintenance of different VAs is usually done by internal teams within the organisation (comprising of content experts and business analysts). This allows business to identify areas of decision risk, and to build Virtual Advisors that address this risk without having to involve IT every time. Business is therefore empowered to resolve their own decision support requirements without risking operational data or other systems.

For more on CLEVVA authoring, click here…

Where CLEVVA fits technically

CLEVVA acts as an organisation’s internal Virtual Advisor Platform (VAP), targeting the decisions and actions that are currently left up to people.

This means that wherever staff (or customers) are required to make decisions or to take actions that are not currently automated within operational systems, you can build them a targeted VA. This VA can made accessible via a hyperlink or iFrame embedded in a web page or system front end, or via a taskbar icon. As a result, wherever you are finding people making the wrong decisions for whatever reason, you can rapidly fix that with a CLEVVA VA.

For more technical details, click here…


VAs work either independently, or can link to other VAs as and when relevant. This allows you to build re-usable logic objects that are capable of inheriting the factors captured and the selections made in any earlier VA. This allows VAs to remain data aware, and to automatically adjust to what has occurred prior to being accessed.

The result is that you can build a series of VAs that can be linked to other VAs at different points and via different triggers. This reduces your management effort, because when you update any VA’s logic, it will immediately ensure any related VA will benefit from the updated logic as well




Stay On Top

Allow staff to access all their assigned VAs via a single user interface, launched off a taskbar icon. The stay on top feature ensures they can access real time decision support while working on other operating systems.


Links and iFrames

Embed targeted VA links or iFrames into webpages or system front ends. Or e-mail VA links to targeted people.



Offer users access to VAs via their mobiles (CLEVVA’s responsive front end will adjust automatically to different screens)

What CLEVVA VAs Are Made Up Of

VAs are made up of different components and different forms of logic. Each VA will be different, based on the decision or action to be taken, and the logic experts apply.



Represents all the possible choices available to users when making a decision. Data forms a core component of most VA logic, ensuring that questions asked and answers given are primarily data driven.



Factors reflect the variables that should be considered in making any decision or action (e.g. age, income, size, colour etc.). If these factors are known in other systems, they can be auto-selected for the user. 

data icon2


Where a user can benefit from existing reference content, either to learn more about a specific choice or to offer more insight, these can be offered at the point of decision making (e.g. Wiki Pages, PDF, Video)



Entities are the records against which you may want a VA tracked e.g.a customer or asset record. Factors saved against that entity can influence the logic offered, and VA detail are automatically saved against the linked entity.



To ensure users receive relevant support, their details can influence the VAs they get access to, and the logic they are offered e.g. users from different countries can be offered different answers, based on different country rules.



There is typically no standard way that decisions are taken. At times, experts use sequential logic. At other times, they refer to data records and apply different forms of factor analysis. To ensure any form of logic can be reflected, CLEVVA offers authors a wide range of options to choose from.

Hosting Options

CLEVVA can be hosted on your servers or in the CLEVVA Cloud. The choice is yours.



Requires a software license rental

Offers you instant access

No hardware setup or maintenance costs


On Premise

Requires a software license purchase

Means no content or bandwidth limitations

Our install shield allows you to install, configure and maintain your CLEVVA platform on you own stack

Pricing Models



This license comes automatically with your CLEVVA platform, and allows an assigned user full administration rights to the platform.


These allow specific users access to the platforms authoring suite, where they can build and maintain specific VAs, based on access rights granted by the administrator.


These are named users with access to as many VAs as their assigned roles permit. All VA interactions are tracked against the user ID for reporting and compliance.


These are per use licenses that allow you to offer non-named users access to targeted VAs (a license is linked to a single access to a targeted VA). Tracking occurs at the VA level.



With our cloud-based platform offering, you can opt to rent a CLEVVA platform on a month to month basis. You can start for as little as $2 350.00 a year (2 authors and 10 users), and scale up as and when you require. 


For those organisations who have not yet embraced cloud services, and who prefer to host their CLEVVA platform on premise or in a private cloud, the purchase option is available. This option includes the upfront purchase of a platform with 1 administrator, 5 author and 100 registered user licenses (starting at $37 000.00). As additional licenses are required, these can be purchased. This includes the purchase of Once-Off User bundles that allow non-registered users a single access to a targeted VA..

Every platform license purchased comes with the assurance that annual upgrades and quarterly version enhancements will be provided (for this, a standard maintenance fee is charged annually). This ensures that you continue to use the latest in decision-making technology, and that you continue to receive focused technical support.

CLEVVA Customers

Here are some of the companies we are proud to be helping make the right decisions.

Cell c



CLEVVA is a technology business that has specialised in the art and science of decision-making. It was founded in 2011, based on a shared vision to develop a technology platform that could enable any company to effectively capture and scale their sales, support, system, process and technical expertise. Consider it Artificial Intelligence for People.

The reason we spend our days and nights doing this is because we realise that unless we help people become assets and not liabilities within organisations, artificial intelligence will soon make them redundant. This is because many required decisions and actions are effectively driven by a known organisational formula, and technology is better than people with repeating known formula.

So rather than focus our efforts building technology that seeks to replace people, we have chosen to focus our efforts on technology that can make people more powerful. To do this, we aim to offer people effective, responsive, intelligent decision making ‘GPSs’ that relieve them of the stress of knowing what to do or say next, based on a required formula. Your VAs will ensure they get that right, every time. This will allow them to focus their efforts on innovating new products and services, and offering customers wow experiences. Areas where robots struggle to compete.

We hope that our technology really helps your business grow, and ensures that you feel more confident to hire more people without worrying about them screwing things up. Instead you can look at channeling their human brilliance into areas of your business that truly differentiate.