Registration of A New Birth (4m51s)

Explore how a Virtual Agent efficiently resolves resident queries for a local council via voice and WhatsApp. A resident requires assistance to register the birth of their child. The conversation begins through voice, and the resident opts to continue via WhatsApp. Each interaction is hyper-personalized based on data available within the operating systems.

Pension-Related Query via Voice (5m31s)

Explore how a Virtual Agent resolves a pension-related query via voice. A customer is frustrated due to a lack of feedback on their two-pot pension claim. The Virtual Agent responds to the customer’s frustration with empathy and understanding, guides the conversation through the prescribed process, and handles additional requests made during the interaction.

Travel-Related Query via Email(3m12s)

Explore how a Virtual Agent resolves a travel-related query via email. The customer contacts the airline’s help desk with a query regarding lounge access during a layover. The application of these key business rules ensures that each response is contextually relevant and effective. The Virtual Agent can access information from third-party systems and apply rules […]

Banking Debit Order Query (2m40s)

Explore how a Virtual Agent handles a debit order with customer. The customer receives an automated message from the Virtual Agent, notifying them of a debit order request. Following authentication, the Virtual Agent provides the customer with relevant information regarding the debit order request, ensuring adherence to the bank’s procedural guidelines.

Motor Insurance Claim (4m28s)

Explore how a Virtual Agent engages with an insurance claim customer via WhatsApp, who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident. The Virtual Agent assists the customer with arranging a loan vehicle and addresses any questions they may have throughout the process.

Healthcare Referral To Treatment RTT (1m51s)

Explore how a Virtual Agent engages with a healthcare customer, aiding them in scheduling an appointment with a specialist and offering assistance by addressing any questions they may have throughout the process.

Agent Assist (3m59s)

Experience the seamless support offered by a virtual agent in guiding an agent through the process of interacting with a customer who received an automatic call after a purchase.

Life Insurance Claim (3m01s)

Explore the seamless support provided by a virtual agent in assisting a life insurance customer with the handling of their medical claim, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Retail Customer Service (2m23s)

Explore how a virtual agent adeptly assists a retail customer with a delivery complaint and facilitates a smooth experience in replacing an incompatible printer.    

Renewals and Upgrades (6m35s)

Discover the efficiency of a virtual agent engaging in a conversation with a telecom customer eligible for a contract upgrade, guiding them through the process seamlessly and effectively.