Motor Insurance Claim (4m28s)

Explore how a Virtual Agent engages with an insurance claim customer via WhatsApp, who has been involved in a motor vehicle accident. The Virtual Agent assists the customer with arranging a loan vehicle and addresses any questions they may have throughout the process.

Healthcare Referral To Treatment RTT (1m51s)

Explore how a Virtual Agent engages with a healthcare customer, aiding them in scheduling an appointment with a specialist and offering assistance by addressing any questions they may have throughout the process.

Agent Assist (3m59s)

Experience the seamless support offered by a virtual agent in guiding an agent through the process of interacting with a customer who received an automatic call after a purchase.

Life Insurance Claim (3m01s)

Explore the seamless support provided by a virtual agent in assisting a life insurance customer with the handling of their medical claim, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Retail Customer Service (2m23s)

Explore how a virtual agent adeptly assists a retail customer with a delivery complaint and facilitates a smooth experience in replacing an incompatible printer.    

Renewals and Upgrades (6m35s)

Discover the efficiency of a virtual agent engaging in a conversation with a telecom customer eligible for a contract upgrade, guiding them through the process seamlessly and effectively.

Life Insurance Lead Qualification (5m08s)

Experience a virtual agent efficiently processing a lead from a customer who clicked on a life insurance digital ad. The qualified lead is seamlessly shared with an agent for prompt follow-up through a phone call.

Suspected Fraudulent Transaction (5m16s)

Explore a virtual agent efficiently resolving a banking customer’s query about a suspected fraudulent transaction on their account – ensuring swift and accurate resolution.

Healthcare Triage (3m40s)

Discover the conversational expertise of a virtual agent guiding a healthcare customer through effective triage discussions to address and prioritize their health-related concerns.

Travel Complaint (4m04s)

Experience the conversational prowess of a virtual agent helping an unhappy hotel customer to self resolve a booking complaint.