CLEVVA Virtual Agents are especially good at automating conversations related to lead qualification, renewals and upgrades, debt restructuring (collections), query resolution and dispute handling and data gathering.

Here’s an example of a Virtual Agent qualifying a lead

Lead qualification

Virtual Agents are used to automate the conversations that human agents are required to have to qualify a prospect as a lead. From an outbound perspective, targeted messages with an embedded link via sms, WhatsApp, in app and e-mail allow customers to engage with a Virtual Agent as an when they wish.

The same applies for inbound – when a prospect clicks on a digital ad they can be immediately connected to a Virtual Agent. The Virtual Agent qualifies the lead and either close the sale or passes the lead to the dialer for an immediate outbound call. This means you can convert cold leads to hot leads at a fraction of the price.

Here’s an example of a Virtual Agent helping a customer renew their contract

Renewals and upgrades

Virtual Agents can help customers self renew or upgrade without having to endure a series of irritating cold calls. As a contract nears its expiry date, an automated message can be sent via sms, WhatsApp, in app or email with a link to the Virtual Agent. When clicked, the customer is connected to a product expert that can offer advice and help them choose the right solution, without having to wait for a live agent.

Here’s an example of a Virtual Agent helping a customer restructure their debt


When a customer misses a payment, there are often many reasons for this. Often the reasons are sensitive. Having a live agent call you is often embarrassing and something people avoid. Now they can engage on their own terms with a Virtual Agent skilled enough to help them restructure their debt in line with their situation and all credit rules. The result, better collection rates at a lower cost.

Here’s an example of a Virtual Agent helping a customer resolve a payment query

Query resolution and dispute handling

Most queries or disputes can only be resolved in context. Offering generic information seldom works. Fortunately Virtual Agents are capable of handling these conversations at the level of a service expert. They can clarify the ask, assess the situation, analyse the need and/or diagnose the root cause before offering a recommended solution and then making sure it gets actioned. The result – fewer calls into the contact centre and a lower cost to serve.

Here’s an example of a Virtual Agent gathering important information

Data gathering

While many people are willing to give their information in order to get something they value (a product, service or advice), few enjoy being sent to a standardized form and asked to fill in the details.

Effective data gathering is done using a dynamic, two way conversation. One where there is constant give and take, and where the flow adjusts dynamically to the information being shared. Virtual Agents are able to have these conversations, and as a result, you can elicit far richer levels of information from your customers.