The Digital Workforce of The Future


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The future is upon us and digital workers are increasingly taking over much of the repetitive, rule-based work within companies. Like people, these digital workers are specializing, and forming powerful teams with their digital and human co-workers.

Join Samantha Perry as she interviews Ryan Falkenberg, CEO of CLEVVA and Paul St Quintin, Intelligent Automation Lead, EY Africa on the different specialisations of digital workers, and the impact this is having on people and the future of work.

Ryan Falkenberg

Ryan Falkenberg


He is co-founder and CEO of CLEVVA, and has written and spoken widely on the subjects of AI, automation and the future of work.


Paul St Quintin

Paul St Quintin

Intelligent Automation Lead

As the Intelligent Automation Lead of EY Africa, Paul has a deep experience in the field of front and back office automation.


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