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“We used CLEVVA to build a Virtual Advisor for a retail bank to guide sales staff through a complex customer needs analysis. Within two weeks of using CLEVVA, cross sales went up by 20%”


Amelia van den Berg
Head of Learning and Capability at Accenture South Africa

“Before CLEVVA it took over two years to feel confident in a sales persons product knowledge. Now we can hire anyone and get them in front of a client within weeks”

tandi white

Tandy Coleman-Spolander
CEO of Polyflor SA

“One of our international contact centre clients managed to effectively zero base agent errors using CLEVVA”


JP Maurel
Director at Singular Systems

“CLEVVA changes the learning landscape for companies. We no longer need to look to formal training to get every product, policy, process or system detail into a staff members head”


Kirsty Chadwick

“Using CLEVVA we’ve been able to create solutions for our customers that mean their users attend less formal training and yet perform more effectively on the organisations operating systems”


Ivanna Granelli
CEO of Can!Do