Stellenbosch-based Clevva goes global after signing UK deal

Originally published in ITWeb on 22 February 2021

By ITWeb Staff Writer


Artificial intelligence-based Web platform developer Clevva has partnered with UK-based robotic process automation (RPA) firm Blue Prism, in a collaboration that will see the Stellenbosch-based firm going global.


Using AI tools, Clevva builds, maintains and deploys compliant, multi-channel “digital experts” − customer service tools to enable companies to deploy digital skills at scale.


These consist of automation solutions, which know the prescribed rules and answers to customer queries, and how to apply them in context.


The new partnership sees Clevva’s front-office digital experts combining with Blue Prism’s back-office digital workers, to automate end-to-end processes across both staff-assisted and digital self-service channels.


Bruce Mazza, VP, technology alliance programme at Blue Prism, says pairing Clevva’s digital experts with the Blue Prism digital workforce empowers users by bringing process agility to the front-office.


“As organisations re-imagine customer sales and support journeys, many of them find it challenging to navigate contextually-rich or complex front-office decisions and processes. This partnership will benefit workforces and customers − particularly in regulated industries, where customer engagements are heavily impacted by rules, and it’s vital you get it right, every time, with a record to prove it,” explains Mazza.


Blue Prism has been working in the South African market since 2016, with over 20 major clients locally. Last year, the UK-headquartered firm opened an office in SA to raise awareness of RPA in the local market and collaborate with partners and academia to help build RPA and AI skills pools in-country.


The partnership with Clevva will ensure context-specific online queries are handled, while employees can focus on the emotional aspects of every customer engagement.


For regulated businesses with complex product suites and business rules, the companies say they will provide the ability to capture and replicate complex expert logic in a way that delivers consistent and compliant customer journeys across channels.


“This ability to effectively add digital expert capability to Blue Prism digital workers means customers can quickly increase their range of automation, particularly within customer service,” says Clevva co-founder and CEO Ryan Falkenberg.


“Take Blue Prism’s Service Assist offering as an example. Within one solution, customers can offer contact centre agents a 360-degree view of the customer, automate their system work, and navigate them through every conversation in real-time.”


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