Making low-code solutions accessible to SA businesses

Originally published on IT-Online on 23 November 2021

A recent partnership between Clevva, Blue Prism and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making customer service automation more achievable for local businesses.

Combining UK-based Blue Prism’s digital workforce technology, Clevva’s query resolution automation technology and AWS applications allows Amazon customers to automate customer service queries via all their digital and staff-assisted channels from AWS Cloud.

Clevva CEO Ryan Falkenberg comments: “This partnership empowers companies of all sizes to take advantage of sophisticated Intelligent Automation (IA) technology without having to architect and build solutions from the ground up.”

Low-code or no code solutions are increasingly gaining traction in the face of severe and ongoing skills shortages in the tech sector, and the rapid uptake of digital solutions driven by the Covid-19 pandemic and customer demand.

These platforms enable businesses to develop new software applications using minimal resources. This has any number of advantages including a greatly reduced need (if any) for expert programming skills, faster time from concept through to going live in a production environment, and ease of use.

“Using low-code or no code solutions like the one provided by Clevva, Blue Prism and AWS, companies can now offer their customers a one touch customer service experience without a big coding investment,” says Falkenberg. “Within a few months, companies can have all known customer service queries resolved at first touch, irrespective of channel. Now that is huge when considering the current reality where most queries have to be resolved by a skilled human expert.

“The need to offer customers a one-touch customer experience is only going to increase going into 2022. The customer landscape has changed forever, and rapid digital transformation is changing the business landscape too. No code and low-code platforms offer a means for businesses to keep up, rapidly, without needing to spend endless time and money developing solutions that are outdated even before they are launched,” Falkenberg says.

“Partnerships like this that offer a full customer service solution to businesses, delivered off readily available platforms, are going to become more common as demand increases,” he adds.

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