Adding expertise to self-service automation

Originally published on BizCommunity on 5 Aug 2021

By Blue Prism

Blue Prism technology alliance partner, South Africa-based CLEVVA, broadens the scope of self-service automation by offering every customer an expert at their fingertips. This means that even in highly regulated industries, customers can have their query, issue or complaint dealt with in context and in real-time, across any digital channel.

Enabling true end-to-end self-service, and freeing up humans for more meaningful, strategic work, is one of the reasons CLEVVA was named Blue Prism Regional Affiliated Technology Alliance Partner of the Year – EMEA for 2021.

Customers are increasingly demanding the ability to serve themselves anytime and anywhere in a way that goes beyond superficial, decontextualised information sharing. They want to be able to transact and carry out decisions and actions in a one-touch, fully digital environment. The partnership between CLEVVA’s digital experts and Blue Prism’s digital workers finally makes this a reality. Customers get a frictionless, digital self-service experience that considers their context and the nuances of their situation. They get an answer–say for a quote or an insurance claim– quickly and accurately, which is immediately and automatically actioned. This is only possible with a fully digitalised service with integrated channels and end-to-end automation.

Businesses gain the ability to provide excellent service to more customers without having to keep costly human experts in the loop. Further, because the digital experts are trained to follow rules and eliminate human error, their decisions are transparent and auditable. Companies can easily verify their compliance with regulations. And finally, the rich data that emerges from the digitalised customer journeys are a valuable resource for machine learning-based analysis.

As well as freeing up contact centre employees for more meaningful work, CLEVVA frees up IT staff. IT teams are currently overwhelmed by trying to code high-context digital customer journeys across multiple channels as well as keep up with changing business requirements. CLEVVA’s low-code web platform means businesses can build, maintain and manage their own team of digital experts who perform this work for them.

“CLEVVA is a fantastic partner of Blue Prism, and our technology alliance partnership is very important to us as it brings extra capabilities to our digital workers to allow them to do more interesting and valuable work,” said Greg Newton, country manager: South Africa at Blue Prism.

“Everyone has been trying to build digital experts using AI predictions. This works when you have rich structured data and willing customers to learn off. It does not work when you operate in a complex, regulated industry with limited access to customer data. In these environments, you need your digital expert to not only follow your rules in context, but to prove it. You also need to be able to do this at scale when rules and situations change. That’s what we’ve solved,” said Ryan Falkenberg, co-founder and CEO of CLEVVA.

The Technology Alliance Program Partner of the Year

Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP) Partner of the Year Award recognises the solution from a partner that significantly extends the reach of the Blue Prism solution to more customers. This year, CLEVVA and Blue Prism have combined their digital expert and digital worker technology to build six industry specific services:

  • Digital Sales Expert for Banks
  • Digital Support Expert for Banks
  • Digital Sales Expert for Insurers
  • Digital Support Expert for Insurers
  • Digital Sales Expert for Telcos
  • Digital Support Expert for Telcos

These are available on Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX), a platform for partner automation components that extend the power of Blue Prism’s intelligent automation and digital workforce.

About Blue Prism:

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