Key features of CLEVVA

These are the key features the CLEVVA can offer your business

Where CLEVVA thrives

CLEVVA digital workers thrive in industries governed by regulatory and compliance rules





Diagnose the root cause of any customer query

Identify relevant solutions to customer queries

Effectively resolve customer complaints





Complete a detailed customer needs analysis

Identify relevant products/solutions based on needs

Onboard the customer





Navigate any internal standard operating procedure

Ensure all master data decisions are correctly made

Onboard new staff


CLEVVA in your business

CLEVVA is a web platform that can be hosted in the cloud or within your company’s environment.

How CLEVVA fits within your technology eco-system

While your knowledge base may contain high level process architectural plans and thinking (Level 1 and 2), CLEVVA becomes the logic source used to execute front-office process logic across channels (Level n). This logic can reference your knowledge base where targeted content may help educate or inform a decision or action (explaining the What or the Why), but CLEVVA takes responsibility for executing the required decisions and actions (the How).

Back-office process logic is not held in CLEVVA – it lives within operating systems and RPA bots. CLEVVA’s logic provides seamless hand-overs, in context, to ensure back-office processes can be automated without breaks or errors.

The diagram below illustrates how CLEVVA digital workers navigate staff through staff-assist interfaces, and customers via multiple digital self-service interfaces. Where required, they then work directly with operating systems or via RPA bots to receive required data or to trigger required back-office actions.


<strong>Reuse logic</strong> across multiple channels
Reuse logic across multiple channels

A single source of shareable, re-usable logic objects powers all channels

<strong>Transfer context</strong> across interactions and channels
Transfer context across interactions and channels

Logic is stateful so customers can move between channels seamlessly

Integrate with <strong>third party systems</strong> using web-hooks
Integrate with third party systems using web-hooks

Contextualise each journey based on available data in operational systems

Hyperlink to <strong>knowledge repositories</strong> in context
Hyperlink to knowledge repositories in context

Offer users context-relevant information at specific decision points

Embed CLEVVA as an <strong>iFrame into web applications</strong> using SDK
Embed CLEVVA as an iFrame into web applications using SDK

Navigate staff through contextual processes within existing system screens

Build <strong>custom interfaces</strong> on top of CLEVVA's Front-End API
Build custom interfaces on top of CLEVVA's Front-End API

Offer customers digital self-service in line with your company’s CI

Access <strong>Staff Assist interface</strong> via a full responsive web browser
Access Staff Assist interface via a full responsive web browser

Offer staff a single front-end to use for all front-office process execution

Add jobs to RPA work queues via CLEVVA's <strong>web-hook feature</strong>
Add jobs to RPA work queues via CLEVVA's web-hook feature

Hand over back-office processing to RPA while continuing the customer engagement