CLEVVA Partner Program Overview

The CLEVVA Partner Program is designed to enable partners to better serve, market and differentiate themselves through training, accreditations, and sales and marketing benefits.

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Join the CLEVVA Partner Program and share in our success! We are empowering teams with best-inclass collaborative enterprise solutions used by customers around the world, from major global brands to small and midsize organizations. We’re growing bigger every day alongside our network of CLEVVA Partners – advisors, consultants, trainers, and thought leaders – who team up with us to create value that goes far beyond product expertise.

Partner with us to differentiate your business, grow your solutions opportunities, and help your customers unleash their potential.

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Solution Partner Program Levels

CLEVVA Partners are advisors, consultants, trainers and thought leaders, whose value
goes far beyond your product expertise. Solution Partners provide consulting, sales, and technical
services to deliver and implement customer solutions developed off CLEVVA.

Our Partner Program levels recognize each Partner’s individual depth of expertise and
experience with CLEVVA

partner image
Silver Partners can be niche consulting organizations with particular specializations or companies with a new relationship with CLEVVA . They provide app-building capability to customers, targeting specific niche areas within specific industries and app types (sales, service, technical, operational)
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Gold Partners are highly trained and committed to their CLEVVA practice and delivering value to our customers. They have made investments and resource commitments to provide advanced product knowledge, app-building, and robust implementation services benefits.
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Platinum Partners have met our highest training criteria and have a proven practice that can scale from small to large customers. They have an established run rate of CLEVVA business and are suitably resourced to manage a wide range of customer solutions.

CLEVVA Academy

To enable our partners to rapidly upskill in the capabilities required to effectively sell and service CLEVVA solutions, we have put together a learning academy. This academy aims as far as possible to allow for self-learning and onboarding.

Sales Professional

After completing the sales learning path within CLEVVA Academy, individuals will earn this accreditation that will enable them to accurately identify key business needs that CLEVVA can help solve; articulate the CLEVVA value proposition; and work with us to propose a total solution tied to a meaningful business case.

Technical Sales Professional

After completing the technical sales learning path within CLEVVA Academy, individuals will earn this accreditation for their demonstrated abilities to technically sell CLEVVA to IT representatives within clients.

Solution Architect

After completing the Solution Architect learning path within CLEVVA Academy, individuals will earn this accreditation and be able to drive the Analysis and Design phase, plus oversee the solution quality review

Integration Engineer

After completing the Integration learning path within CLEVVA Academy, individuals will earn this accreditation will be able to integrate targeted Virtual Advisor apps into 3rd party systems

Knowledge Engineer

After completing the Knowledge Engineering learning path within CLEVVA Academy, individuals will earn this accreditation and be able to develop specified Virtual Advisor apps

Benefit Highlights

The Partner Program gives Partners access to benefits, rewards and resources that help
them create new opportunities and differentiate themselves in their market. The benefits available
at each level include:

Solution Partner
Solution Partner
Solution Partner
Partner Portal
CLEVVA Academy
Certification &
Exclusive Events
Partner Logo Partner Listing
Partner Exclusive Marketing Campaigns
Partner Awards
Development Funds
Product Discount
Referral / ELA Bonus
Internal Product Use
Product Demos / Evals
CLEVVA Academy Service Desk
Channel Manager

Program Requirements

All partners based on their level are required to meet certain sales targets
and ensure certain CLEVVA-accredited capability. Gold and Platinum Partners
are required to commit to quarterly business reviews to assess the program
success and confirm ongoing commitments. Commitments include:

Solution Partner
Solution Partner
Solution Partner
CLEVVA  Sales per year $0 $75 000 $250 000
Accredited Sales Professionals 1 2 2
Accredited Sales Tech Professionals 1 1 1
Accredited Solution Architects 1 2
Accredited Knowledge Engineers 1 2 4
Accredited Integration Engineers 1

New Partners

New Partners enter the program at the selected level and are given 6 months from their
start date to meet the requirements of that level. If they do not meet the defined level
requirements within 6 months they may be subject to termination from the program by CLEVVA .

In addition to the requirements for the program level, all Partners are required to complete
certain onboarding tasks within 90 days of joining the program.

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