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CLEVVA can be hosted on your own servers if required. The following page explains these benefits, the software licensing model as well the minimum server hardware and software requirements.

Benefits of Hosting on your own Servers:

– More control over the configuration and setup of the CLEVVA software.

– Typically a better option for customers with high demands.

– No data usage or data storage limitations.

Minimum Server Hardware and Software Requirements:

CLEVVA runs on a Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) stack. In order to host CLEVVA, the following hardware and software requirements need to be met for each of the recommended servers:


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.55.18 PM





– Class 1

— Registered Users: 100 to 2000

— Estimated requests/second: 60

– Class 2

— Registered Users: 100 to 4000

— Estimated requests/second: 100



Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 1.56.09 PM


Additional Modules/Extensions

– Apache

— mod_rewrite

— MPM Module (preferably mpm_prefork)



— Opcache

— GD Imaging

— ionCube (Decryption)

* Recommended Hypervisors: VMWare / VirtualBox

Additional Modules/Extensions

To support your internal IT team to handle the on premise deployment effectively, CLEVVA offers the following support:

– Command-line/GUI installation

— Created with InstallBuilder (

— Responsible for packaging and deploying releases for Clevva

– Web-based Installer

— Web interface with a wizard-based installation

– Web-based Server Analyzer

— Web interface used to analyze the overall configuration of the servers

— Any flags from an environmental/configuration perspective will be raised

— Exposes configuration guidelines