We offer a Virtual Agent As A Service

This means you don’t have to worry about how to build, deploy and manage your Virtual Agent (VA). We will do it for you.

For a simple-to-budget all-in cost, you get:

  • A working Virtual Agent that automates targeted conversations
  • Logic that is kept up-to-date by a dedicated team focused on constantly improving your Virtual Agent’s performance
  • Deep insights into every conversation, and assurance of consistency and compliance across channels
Virtual Agent Diagram

Our Virtual Agents apply your rules in context, just like human experts do


Ensure that the request, query, issue, or complaint is fully understood and correctly classified.


Ensure that the primary and related needs, root causes and full context is correctly identified and understood.


Ensure that the right solutions are proposed and agreed upon, required actions are triggered, and the correct journey details are recorded.

They can be trusted to say and do the right things, with detailed records to prove it

  • Consistent
  • Compliant
  • Hyper-Personalised

We will build, deploy and manage your Virtual Agent using our own powerful, enterprise grade low-code platform

We can have a Virtual Agent automating your high cost conversations in no time

  • 1Train

    1-3 months

    Analyse how your human experts have the targeted conversation
    Analyse the processes and rules that shape the conversation
    Analyse the technical eco-system the VA must work in
    Teach your VA how to have the right conversation
    Connect your VA up with relevant systems

  • 2Certify

    1-3 months

    Test conversational accuracy and consistency
    Test the engagement experience (UCD)
    Analyse your VAs performance with targeted sample
    Rapid optimisation and improvements
    Certify that the VA is performing at agreed level

  • 3Manage


    Track and report performance
    Analyse conversations
    Optimise and update logic
    Identify opportunities for expansion