CLEVVA Virtual Agents work across digital channels

Whether your customer wants to have their query resolved via the company WhatsApp, website, app, or e-mail channels, they can engage directly with your Virtual Agent.

The Virtual Agent also works directly (via APIs) or indirectly (via RPA) with operating systems, to pull known data and trigger required actions.

The result is a one-touch digital self-service experience.

They resolve queries in context, just like human experts do


Ensure that the customer request, query, issue, or complaint is fully understood and correctly classified.


Ensure that the primary and related needs, root causes and full context is correctly identified and understood.


Ensure that the right solutions are proposed and agreed upon, required actions are triggered, and the correct journey details are recorded.

They can be trusted to say and do the right things, with detailed records to prove it

  • Consistent
  • Compliant
  • Hyper-Personalised

Internal teams can build, deploy and maintain these Gen 3 ‘service bots’ using CLEVVA’s low-code platform

You can have a digital service expert resolving your customer queries via digital channels in no time

  • 1Discovery

    3 hours

    Free Consulting
    No Software

  • 2Proof-of-Concept

    3 Weeks

    Paid Consulting
    Trial Software

  • 3Pilot

    3 Months

    Paid Consulting
    Paid Software

  • 4Continuous Improvement

    1,3 or 5-year

    Paid Consulting
    Paid Software