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Users can access VAs via the standard web front end, either launched via a task bar icon or embedded link in a web page or e-mail. The responsive front end is also mobile friendly.


A common way that users are offered access to general advice is via the CLEVVA Stay On Top. This is achieved via CLEVVA’s Chrome extension or alternatively a Windows App. See below for an example of how staff can use their taskbar icon to access real-time advice on anything.


You are also able to offer users access to specific VAs by either sharing a VA link via e-mail, or embedding the link into a web page. To see how this works, see the video below.


CLEVVA is a highly configurable platform that allows you to apply your logos and avatars to match your corporate identity. Set  specific controls to meet your required security policies, such as IP address lock down or forcing passwords to be reset every 60 days.

Set up CLEVVA to use your own content and email servers (if using CLEVVA Cloud) as well as set up email templates to customise the various system generated email being sent. Enable the use of GPS settings in the VA’s and configure many other options and preferences to ensure that CLEVVA works the way you want it to work in your environment.

Index the system from the backend settings to ensure optimal database performance.