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Customer Service

Ensure a consistent, compliant and differentiated customer experience no matter what channel you choose

Bolster your existing customer service capability by capturing desired customer journey logic into a single digital expert. Give your staff access to this logic within your existing call management (CRM) systems, so that whatever call comes in, they can handle it like an expert – with less training and less risk of error. And then connect your web and chatbot front ends to the same logic. The result is that whether your customers choose to engage with a human, a web site or a chatbot, they will be asked the same relevant questions and offered the same relevant answers, every time.


Consistent. Compliant. Query Resolution

Offer your contact centre agents an intelligent guide to help them diagnose the client’s issue, ask the right questions, offer the right answers, and take the right process and system steps, even if they lack required knowledge and experience.



First Call Resolution


Training and Support


Customer Satisfaction


Average Handling Time


Business Insights

Client Reference : Sales VA

Case Studies


A large South African vehicle and asset finance company’s contact centre offers support to a broad range of client support queries. Read how they built a Navigator to guide call centre agents through inbound calls, ensuring they consistently asked the right questions and offered the right answers, with less training and support.

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The call centre staff of a large technology product distributor were challenged with technical service calls that required specialist knowledge across a huge product catalogue. Read how they built a Navigator to remove the need for specialist teams, and to allow a Super Agent to effectively handle any inbound call with limited technical knowledge or experience.

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A multi-national petroleum company’s contact centre offers support to a broad network of retail clients. Read how they built a Navigator to guide call centre agents through any inbound call type, ensuring they could resolve service queries first time without the need to pass it on to specialists.

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  • Embedded iFrame (in CRM)
  • Stay On Top Window
  • Single Front End

Consistent. Compliant. Contextually-Relevant Self-Service

Give your customers access to a virtual advisor, not simply a virtual assistant; a digital expert that can effectively diagnose their situation and offer them a relevant answer, without having to resort to handing them over to some generic FAQ list, information link or contact centre agent. A one-stop self-service offering that can get to the right answer based on your context.


Reduce inbound customer calls

Improve first time resolution

Reduce decision-tree scripting

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve self-service compliance

Improve engagement insights

Case Studies

A national telecommunications company was looking to offer customers a consistent, differentiating customer service experience, irrespective of the channel they chose to engage. As a result, CLEVVA was first deployed to build a digital expert that could navigate contact centre agents through every known call type i.e. turn them into super agents. Once this was achieved, the logic was then used to drive customer self-service via the web and existing chatbot interfaces.

  • 3rd party chatbot front-ends and web pages (via a natural language layer)