Artificial intelligence for staff

How do you augment your existing staff with digital intelligence?

Simply applying intelligent search to existing learning and knowledge management systems is not working. Neither is smart work channeling, nor Next Best Action recommendations. The reason is that they still rely on a person to interpret the situation and apply the logic correctly, which seldom happens.

To truly augment staff, you need to relieve them from having to even learn, read and interpret decision-making logic they are being asked to memorise and replicate. AI can do it better. What staff should focus on are the behaviours that AI struggles with.

For example really listening to a customer and offering them a warm, empathetic, ‘human’ sales or service engagement.

CLEVVA allows you to capture all the logic you need staff to apply into a digital expert – we call it a Virtual Advisor app. Staff then use the Virtual Advisor app like a GPS, navigating them in real-time through different service, sales and operational challenges so they get them right in line with all your prescribed business rules.

By augmenting staff with digital expertise, you effectively make them capable of performing like an expert with less training and less risk of making a mistake.

Staff win because they can sell and service more effectively and with less stress. And you win because you can offer a consistent, compliant customer experience, no matter who delivers it.

Artificial intelligence for customers

Do you ever get frustrated with digital assistants, especially once the novelty of natural language wears off?

They can work well when you give them a very specific request like “What is my current account balance?’. But they struggle as soon as you ask them for expert advice and the answer depends on the context, such as ‘What product is best for me?’ or ‘How do I fix my wifi connection?’. When this happens, they tend to either link you to a support document or video, or pass you onto a contact centre agent – who also typically struggles to help.

With CLEVVA, you can now upgrade your digital self-service from simple FAQs and digital assistants to that of a digital expert or virtual advisor – capable of first diagnosing the root cause of every known customer need or query before then navigating them through the optimal prescribed customer journey, with a detailed record to prove it. No more hoping your chatbot gets it right. With CLEVVA, you can be absolutely sure your customer experience formula is applied consistently every time.

Artificial intelligence for omni-channels

If you are currently using an omni-channel platform to help optimize your customer sales and service efforts, you may be feeling frustrated by the limitations of your knowledge base and scripting tools.

Artificial intelligence for omni-channels

  • 1Offering the right level of contextual support to solve wide-ranging customer requests
  • 2Tracking the logic routes taken within every customer journey
  • 3Maintaining the logic when rules and details change
  • 4 Ensuring the same logic is used across assisted and self-service touch points
  • 5 Generating useful training data for business insights and machine learning